NÄITUS // WALLS¹ opening // ajuokse @ gallery night vol. 8

➊ WALLS¹ group exhibition opening // 8 PM
i mean, what can we say? we like to paint walls. so we painted some walls.
artists (in order of appearance):
Zahars Ze // www.instagram.com/zahars.ze/
Looja // www.instagram.com/looja__/
Stina Leek // www.instagram.com/stina.leek/
GUTFACE // www.instagram.com/ingmar.jarve/
k2rte // www.instagram.com/k2rte/
the exhibition is supported by Aparaaditehas - thank you!

➋ stickeerrrrrrs!! // 6 PM - 11 PM
our lil basement store will transform once again into the chillest sticker workshop in the universe. sticker materials free of charge, byob or cash for the donation box to grab one from our fridge.
and yes - you can also buy cool sh*t during the whole event. we have shirts, prints, bags, zines etc from different creatives around Estonia. come check it out.

psssst! looking for an afterparty? check this out - https://fb.me/e/2DjL25duO

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Kuupäev: 03. 03. 23

Kell: 18:00 - 23:00

Koht: Ajuokse

Pilet: Tasuta