NÄITUS // De Structura - Struktuuride paljastus

In July 2022, young artists and art workers from 25 countries gathered in Estonia to address the challenges they face in navigating through the existing structures and propose potential solutions. “The legal frameworks, opaque hiring and artist selection practices, and unequal distribution of institutional funding are a few of the many invisible structures installed in the galleries in and next to the works of art. The created space of illusions that shows fragmented reality has an attractive quality, but also contributes to the existing ambiguity and stereotypes of what it means to be an artist,” – curatorial excerpt.

For the first time, the unveiling structures exhibition at Kogo Gallery will publicly display proposals to the broader public, inviting the visitors to join the conversations that took place throughout and after the Forum.

With the support of ArtLink, a group from Romania that is facilitating art through Augmented Reality (AR) technology, unveiling structures will also exhibit a variety of artworks of the De Structura participants. The visitors will read an AI-generated newspaper by Wen Chen, diving into ambiguity surrounding the political status of Taiwan in East Asia and beyond, as well as explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence, consciousness, and human-machine in a performance with Ania Duldiier. The skin as an archive, sexuality in the digital age, and new models of social interaction are some of the themes explored by artists Miriam Poletti, Catherin Schöberl, and Justyna Grażyna Tuchorska. Can moss transform into a blanket or embroidery? – our relationship with the natural world in the age of environmental crises is central to the works of Eline Anna Gaudé, Emily Jean Doyle, and Sanna Josefiina. The exhibition will display the artworks and curatorial projects of more than 30 De Structura participants from across Europe.

A public programme will take place throughout the entire duration of the exhibition. Four days, four themes, four groups of speakers. Artists, researchers and curators will introduce a range of projects they have developed within the framework of De Structura, while the founders and partners will share current opportunities in the art sector aimed at helping young artists and art professionals in their career paths.

The project is funded by Allianz Foundation, European Cultural Foundation, City of Narva, co-funded by the European Union.

Pulbic programme

21.07 18:00-19:00 Art Advocacy Talk

23.07 14:00-15:00 Dare to Care Collective presentation

26.07 18:00-19:00 Hyper.LLC project presentation of Tallinn 5 collective

28.07 18:30-19:00 Curatorial tour in English

30.07 17:00-17:30 Curatorial tour in Ukrainian

02.08 18:00-19:00 S*S*S project presentation

04.08 18:00-18:30 Presenting the Allianz Foundation, Katrin Winkler

18:30-19:00 Art funding brainstorm

05.08 14:00-15:00 Tamar Khelashvili Art Management Course presentation

AR exhibition Ana Kostova, Anastasia Lemberg-Lvova, Ana Mackiewicz, Andreas Fürer, Arina Jegorova, Cami Ruohonen, Catherin Schöberl, Christoph Matt, Dasha Brian, Deborah Maggiolo, Elena Ignatiadou, Elena Righini, Eline Gaudé, Old Bort, Eva Lennuk, Ganna Duldiier, Jonas Færgeman, Juliane Lusson, Justyna Tuchorska, Kateryna Lypovka, Kossara Konstantinova, Kristýna Ilek, Leonardo Tomasi, Lukas Ischlstöger, Lucrezia Costa, Madeleina Kay, Marta Marsicka, Martyna Benedyka, Michele Bergsma, Milica Tančič, Miriam Poletti, Nur Horsanalı, Onur Kaymak, Sanna Hirvonen, Sonjoi Nielsen, Tamar Khelashvili, Wen Chen

Curated by Yana Ustymenko with Anastasia Lemberg-Lvova

and Kateryna Lypovka
Graphic Design Flóra Pálhegyi, Csilla Horváth
AR technology ArtLink (Dragoș Silion and Marian-Bogdan Topîrceanu)

De Structura participants Jeroen Blom, Elena Ignatiadou, Lukas Ischlstöger, Mariia Nadverniuk, Eike Plhak, Candice Marie Telouk, Ola Kowalewska, Jan van der Kleijn, Yaryna Finyak, Vira Kondratyuk, Ciara O’Flaherty, Marta-Anastasiia Yakovenko, Katerina Hrabankova, Ana Kostova, Ana Mackiewicz, Andreas Fürer, Antonina Mambyk, Cami Ruohonen, Catherin Schöberl, Christoph Matt, Cilia Herrmann, Cristina Cocis, Daniel Dolci, Dasha Brian, Deborah Maggiolo, Efstratios Chatziefstratiou, Elena Righini, Eline Gaudé, Old Bort, Ewa Natalia Rybojad, Ganna Duldiier, Ioana Laura Pop, Isadora Alves Nunes, Johana Kasalicka, Juliane Lusson, Justyna Tuchorska, Kevin Bellò, Kossara Konstantinova, Kristýna Ilek, Leonardo Tomasi, Lucrezia Costa, Madeleina Kay, Magdalena Julia Rybojad, Maren Oline Bang Tøndevold, Mariya Mayor, Marketa Vasickova, Marta Marsicka, Martyna Benedyka, Mathilde Camilla Palenius, Milica Tančič, Miriam Poletti, Nur Horsanalı, Onur Kaymak, Otar Khutsishvili, Sanna Hirvonen, Sonjoi Nielsen, Stanimir Stoyanov, Tamar Khelashvili, Wen Chen, Yana Ustymenko, Pavel Sivolov

Team Jonas Gerhard Færgeman, Alessia Losa, Silvia Tänav, Kristina Derkach, Arina Jegorova, Michelle Johanna Bergsma, Frederik Klanberg, Yuliia Kralevska, Eva Lennuk, Anastasia Lemberg-Lvova, Kateryna Lypovka, Maria Makarova, Alissa Talalai

Thank you Lilybell Evergreen, Irene Bertagnin, Lorenzo Clavarino, Julien Hamilton, Silja Tuovinen, Nadya Tjuska, Terho Artjoki

Contributors from partner organisations
Matthew William Dols, Paul Makarov, Marek Sustak, Ramiro Camelo, Sofia Vieira, Kaan Yazici, Justina Speirokaite, Ale Zapata, Urte Speirokaite, Tomás Serrano Ramires, Gastão Pinto de Oliveira, Pietro Bulfoni, Daniël Siegersma, Alberto Ferrari, Valeryia Urbanovich, Ronja Kappl, Ira Grünberger, Vincent Forstenlechner, Miles Schleifer, Sami Ciftci, Nina Lissone, Svetla Baeva, Zeren Oruc, Astrid Cats, Marco Terranova, Cécile Moroux, Jessica Capra, Emilia Telese, Maryna Rybakova, Pelin Zeytinci, Orsolya Dóczy, Chiara Gatto

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Kuupäev: 20. 07. 23 - 06. 08. 23

Kell: 13:00 - 19:00

Koht: Kogo galerii

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