Common Threads and Light | Ühised jooned ja valgus

Common Threads and Light is a joined tour between two exhibitions in Tartu: Common Threads, Polar Bear and Elephant (25.11.2022–28.01.2023) by Laura Põld and Andres Tolts in Kogo Gallery and To Sense the Light, You Must Close Your Eyes (11.11.–11.12.2022) by Kristi Kongi and Mare Vint in Tartu Art House.

The walk will begin at Kogo Gallery and will continue in Tartu Art House. The conversation will be led by artists Laura Põld and Kristi Kongi and curators Šelda Puķīte and Peeter Talvistu.
Both exhibitions have been made in a dialogue between two Estonian artist generations to find common threads and shed the light on these subtle connections. They can be viewed as a celebration of the Estonian art heritage that together with local and global influences continues to propel the new artist generation forward. These projects also show how art and art history coexist in nonlinear time, constantly overlapping and communicating with each other in different exciting forms. The tour will offer a possibility to learn more about the connections between these artists, motivations of curators and strategies of Kristi Kongi and Laura Põld when working on these exhibitions.
Ringkäik, mille käigus külastatakse kaht näitust Tartus: Laura Põllu ja Andres Toltsi „Ühised jooned, jääkaru ja elevant“ (25.11.2022–28.01.2023) Kogo galeriis ning Kristi Kongi ja Mare Vindi „Selleks, et tajuda valgust, pead sulgema silmad“ (11.11–11.12.2022) Tartu Kunstimajas. Näitusi tutvustavad kunstnikud Laura Põld ja Kristi Kongi ning kuraatorid Šelda Puķīte ja Peeter Talvistu. Ringkäik toimub inglise keeles.

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Kuupäev: 10. 12. 22

Kell: 15:00 - 18:00

Koht: Kogo galerii

Pilet: Tasuta