Baltic Rare Groove Tour - TARTU

Don’t miss out on the historical three-country DJ-battle of Sweden, Finland and Estonia! Which national team can outgroove, outfunk or outdisco the others with the hottest vinyl records?

 Representing Sweden are Funky Loffe and DJ Skåne.
 Representing Finland are the DJ crews Tämän Kaupungin Yöt and Kobran Kädet.
 Representing the hosting team is Frotee Records and Psühhoteek.
These crews will make you dance and howl of joy!
19.00-23.00 Terrace time (if the weather's ok)
23.00-... Basement moods
Free of charge (regardless of weather)!

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Kuupäev: 14. 07. 22

Kell: 19:00 - 23:59

Koht: Peninuki

Pilet: Tasuta