Ashtanga & Vinyasa Flow - Ervin Menyhart

Ervin Menyhart WS (UK)
Jooga dünaamika täielik ekspositsioon
Ashtanga & Vinyasa Flow

25.-27. mai STUUDIOS SAMM

Mul on suur rõõm teatada, et Ervin Menyhart tulemas Eestisse ja ma kutsun Sindki sellest toredast nädalavahetusest osa saama.

Ma usun, et see töötuba annab uusi teadmisi ja kinnitab vanu. Kindlasti arvetsame töötoas osalejate huve ning leiame aja nendega tegelemiseks!

See nädalavehtus täis jooga töötubasid sobib kõigile, kellel on juba mingisugunegi kokkupuude dünaamiliste jooga vormidega, kes praktiseerib Ashtanga joogat või õpetajatele, kes sooviks saada kasulikke näpunäiteid ja inspiratsiooni enda tundidesse.

Ervin on sündinud Ungaris, aga elanud aastakümneid juba Inglismaal. Ta on pühendanud viimased 30 aastat joogale ning selle jagamisele. Ta on saanud innustust mitmetelt väga suurtelt õpetajatelt ja aastaid ise uurinud jooga filosoofiat ning selle olemust.


25. mai 18.00 - 20.00 "Inner Monkey" lõbusad 2 tundi, kus saame enda meeltega töötada.

26. mai 11.00 - 13.00 Asana ja Vinyasa roll jooga harjutuses

14.00 - 16.00 Liikumise ja joondumise printsiibid (Q&A)

16.15 - 17.30 KiT projekt - jooga filosoofia ja ajalugu

27.mai 10.00 - 12.00 Asanate alternatiivid, vinyasade efektiivne kasutamine

13.00 - 15.00 Juhendatud tund - Yoga flow

15.15 - 16.00 Küsimused ja vastused - interaktiivne vestlus

Varajasele registreerujale soodushind 85 eurot kogu nädalavahetus, kehtib kuni 30. aprillini!
3 päeva 95 eurot
2 päeva 85 eurot
1 päev 50 eurot
1 tund 20 eurot

Sinu osalus kinnitatakse, kui oled tasunud osalutasu täismahus 22. maiks Deepdance OÜ arvelduskontole: SEB EE091010220210798228 , selgitusse Ervini workshop ja enda nimi.

Soovijatele väljastame tõendid töötoa mahu ja sisu kohta.

Registreerumiseks kirjuta või helista, et uurida täpsemlt 56844766

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In English:

Workshops with Ervin Menyhárt
Friday 25th, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 May 2018
Stuudio Samm, Tartu, Estonia

“When training in dynamic forms of yoga such as Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga or Vinyasa Flow, it is essential to find the right way into the posture for setting up correct alignment. In my view an asana does not have its own alignment, but each individual person does, according to her/his individual body type, physical needs and abilities.” (EM)

In the physical practice first of all we must come to a good understanding of the two intertwined components - the dynamic part (vinyasa) and the held/static part (asana). Without an intelligent interface between the two no dynamic yoga form will work.

How do we enter a pose in order to establish solid foundations? How do we engage with the posture and ‘empower’ it? How do we exit after releasing a pose? It all needs a close examination. The four Phases – Enter, Engage, Empower, Exit – these will be our ‘tool kit’ for these workshops. We will also look deeper - what role does my mind play in yoga? How do my emotion influence what and how I do? Remember - ‘yoga’ means unity, integrity of the whole human - body, mind and heart…

The workshops will be suitable for all levels of practice, and highly recommended for experienced practitioners and teachers. We will explore the significance of working with the breath, selecting movement, alignment and posture holding alternatives in order to identify methods and techniques to suit individual needs and abilities.

We will compare the ‘Mysore style’ ashtanga vinyasa with others such as vinyasa krama, and explore techniques used in styles taught by teachers such as BKS Iyengar, Norman Sjoman,to help each one of us identify the methods/techniques that suit us best.

Often working in pairs and small groups, we will help each other to discover how some seemingly minor details can have great effects on the integrity and success of the postures and the connecting movement chains.

To have a complete yoga practice, one needs to learn to use the posture practice as the doorway, a portal for deeper work, and look what lays beyond. There will be opportunities to learn basic pranayama (breath control) exercises, and we will explore meditative and self observing techniques to build better access to our ‘internal dimensions’.

The set of workshops is structured in such a way that you can select individual parts / sessions to fit your interests and time availability, so while it is best to do the whole set, you can carve out what you want.
There will be a cost advantage if you book the whole programme.

Friday 25th May - Welcome to the Monkey House!
17.45-18.00 Arrivals and registration
18.00-20.00 Finding and Taming your ‘Inner Monkey”
If you think your ‘logical mind’ is in charge of your life, think again… Our ‘emotive/instinctive self’ plays a vastly underestimated role! We will explore our ‘inner powers’ through yoga based practices such as a flowing sequence of ‘mini-ashtanga’, Constructive Introspection (like Mindfulness Meditation) and ‘catching our Monkey and work’.
A fun-filled two hours, including questions/answers/requests at the end.
Saturday 26th May
11.00-13.00 Understanding the Role of Asana and Vinyasa in Dynamic Yoga Forms
Introducing the four Phases of the movement and posture cycle: Enter, Engage, Empower, Exit. Understanding and Using Suryanamaskar - the powerhouse of dynamic yoga forms, often underestimated and poorly implemented
13.00-14.00 Lunch break
14.00-15.30 Movement and Alignment Principles in Dynamic Sequences
Using sequences from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and other styles for comparison, we will explore how to set up correct foundations, positioning the pelvis, working the spine.
The Challenges of Vinyasa -
“my arms are too short to lift off”
“my bottom is too heavy”
“why can’t I do this?”
“are there any alternatives?”
The session will answer this and more…
15.30-16.00 Questions and Answers, work on ‘wish lists’ of those at the workshop
16.15-17.00 Exploring the philosophy and history of yoga and the KiT Project (Krama Intelligence Training) - interactive talk with Ervin

Sunday 28th May
10.00-12.00 Building the Ashtanga Sequence and its Alternatives - exploring the postures and movement chains, correct use of asana and vinyasa; understanding, receiving and making necessary adjustments.
12.00-13.00 Lunch break
13.00-14.30 Full Flow Session: a complete, flowing talk-through session, with personalised modifications, where necessary.
14.30-15.00 Questions and Answers, work on ‘wish lists’ of those at the workshop
15.15-16.00 Exploring the philosophy and history of yoga and the KiT Project (Krama Intelligence Training) - interactive talk with Ervin

Additional offer, free of charge to those who attend the workshop:
Consultation session with Ervin, to discuss the individual’s yoga practice, needs and aspirations. You can book this when you meet Ervin.

Fees and Booking:
Single class: 20E, One day: 50E, Two days: 85E, Three days: 95 E
For your booking please email to Evelyn Tuul

About Ervin Menyhart:
Ervin was born in Hungary, also lived, studied and worked in Poland, Austria, Australia, settled in the UK in 1987 where he lives ever since. Yoga practice initially started in 1984, taken on as main occupation in December 2000. Ervin also taught yoga at Coventry University for ten years. His first teacher and mentor was James Critchlow, studied also with David Swenson, Richard Freeman, John Scott. Spent time in India learning at the old Mysore shala from K Pattabhi Jois, also practiced with Sri Sheshadri.
Strong recent influence comes from Norman Sjoman, a Sanskrit scholar and a true expert on yoga. They have been cooperating for the past four years. Ervin’s current main project of KiT (Krama Intelligence Training) is a modern holistic reconditioning training system, combining the old wisdom of yoga with principles from modern science, philosophy and art

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Kuupäev: 25. 05. 18 - 27. 05. 18

Kell: 18:00 - 16:00

Koht: Stuudio Samm

Pilet: 20 € / 95 €