Tule ja osale kunsti väärtuse teemalisel diskussioonil ja kunstnik Das Vegase performance-oksjonil Art_Value (Kunst_Väärtus) esmaspäeval 1. juulil kl 18.00 – 19.30 Kogo galeriis. Oodatud on kunstnikud, kollektsionäärid, kunstieksperdid ja kõik, keda teema huvitab.

Oodatud on ka lühikesed (kuni 15 min) teemakohased ettekanded. Palun kontakteeruda või tel 55607971.

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Kogo gallery is happy to invite you – artists, experts, collectors and everyone who are interested – to Das Vegas performance Art_Value auction followed by discussion about societal issues regarding art valuation from our local perspectives.

More info about the Art_Value auction:

NB! To take part of the auction, please take cash with you (to take part, you do not need much, but at least something)!

The event is part of the project "The Art_Value: Nordic Network" ( that is initiated to investigate the neoliberal values in art processes in Baltic countries and Sweden. The network is supported by by the Nordic Culture Point and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Come to be a part of the network and contribute to the research!

Some questions that have been rised are following, but you may add your own:

How the art is valued?
How historical, geopolitical and economic factors shape our understanding of the value of art?
How the political economy influences art and artistic processes such as production, circulation, and consumption of art?
What is the role of the art economy in our contemporary world?
Is it ethical?

Vygandas “Vegas” Šimbelis, artist name – Das Vegas (LT/SWE), is an artist and researcher. Working within art, design, media and technology Vegas has PhDs (doctorate) from the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Having extensive experience in fine art and design, Vegas critically examines new territories and conducts research questioning the role of art (and artist) in relation to our contemporary society and with its socio-political implications.

Vegas’ projects have been exhibited at various occasions starting his œuvre in 1996, including MANIFESTA, Video_Brasil biennial, Tallinn Print Triennial, FILE art festival, National Museum and Modern Museum in Stockholm, Contemporary Art Centre and INTRO art centre in Vilnius.

The Event is supported by the Nordic Culture Point and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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Kuupäev: 01. 07. 19

Kell: 18:00 - 19:30

Koht: Kogo Gallery

Pilet: Tasuta