WORKSHOP // “Silmapilk ja sõnajada” education programme

Beginning from April TYPA centre warmly welcomes you to our new education programme “Silmapilk ja sõnajada” which aims to support (the tough journey that is) learning Estonian. The aim of this programme is to introduce Estonian visual and literary culture through different manual and artistic activities while also giving opportunities to improve Estonian skills through discussion, writing and listening. The programme is meant for non-Estonian speaking people who are currently learning Estonian and want to practice it in a museum environment. The whole programme is conducted in simple Estonian.

On 18th April at 18.00 the first meeting of the programme will take place where we will introduce printing and paper history. You can take part in TYPAs famous tour of our permanent exhibition and print postcards on the oldest printing press in our museum.

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Starts at: 18. 04. 24

Time: 18:00 - 20:00

Location: TYPA

Ticket: Free