Tour of Aparaaditehas

We offer house tours of Aparaaditehas. During the tour, visitors will get an overview of the fascinating history of the factory and how one of Tartu's largest manufacturing factories became a modern cultural factory. We will have a thorough tour of the building and visit various studios and working spaces. We admire the view from the roof and take a peek into the cellar.

The tour can be tailored to the participants' interests - we can focus more on the history or on all the things that are here today. We can follow in the footsteps of Johannes Gutenberg, the famous factory cat, or Mark Kalpin, the former factory artist. We can visit the artists or explore the business side. It all depends on the wishes of the participants.

We organise house tours mostly on weekdays. On weekends we only do tours by special arrangement and then a higher price applies. A maximum of 25 people can take part in the tour at a time.

The tour lasts 1h15min

N.B. The house tour involves a lot of stairs and is unfortunately not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

5€/participant (minimum price 50€)
Weekends and evenings (starting from 4:30PM) 8€/participant
When the group is larger than 25 people we have to divide the group in half and the price is 8€/participant or 12€/on weekends and evenings.
For school groups there is a discount of 4€/participant.


Booking and more information: