CONCERT // ‘Cooking Potato’  Trans Europe Halles Conference

Aparaaditehas has the great honor and joy to host the Trans Europe Halles (TEH) conference 2024 titled ‘Arts of Survival’ this spring.
In collaboration with Tartu 2024, the European Capital of Culture, we have put together an evening entertainment program for both conference guests and locals.
On Friday, May 31st, the international collective ‘Cooking Potato’ will perform in Aparaaditehas courtyard.
In its most primary form, the genre that might best describe the music is ambient - psychedelic with a smattering of romanticism and avant garde. The focus can go from meditative trance to rock, morphing somehow into an unexpected ballad.
The concert is free of charge.

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Starts at: 31. 05. 24

Time: 20:00 - 21:00

Location:  Aparaaditehas Courtyard

Ticket: Free