The Widget Factory (Aparaaditehas) is an old factory complex at the corner of Riia and Kastani streets in Tartu. During the Soviet times, the factory was used for manufacturing refrigeration equipment, secret submarine parts and in order to mislead the public, also non-functioning umbrellas and zippers. At its heyday in the middle of 1970s, the factory provided employment for almost 1,500 people, it had its own health centre with sauna and a pool, a canteen and enough administrative premises to occupy several buildings.

In 2006, the complex of the Widget Factory was purchased by ABC Kinnisvarateenuste OÜ that is also the current owner of the factory. Since 2014, the 14,000 m2 centre has been developed into a culture factory.

By today, the Widget Factory and its surrounding city block have become one of the most rapidly developing areas in Tartu. This universal culture factory brings together creative entrepreneurs, artist and designer studios, commerce and entertainment. It hosts three restaurants and two cafeterias, it is the home for Müürilille flea market with long history and the even the more historic Printing Museum, and provides rooms for numerous small and exciting shops. One of the most important near-term plans of the centre is to turn its courtyard, the Taskupark of the Widget Factory, into the coolest meeting place in the area.

See you at the factory!


Erki Pruul
Managing director
+372 5667 4704

Veiko Järvis
Administrative manager
+372 5347 6050

Karin Bachmann
Taskupark project manager karin@aparaaditehas.ee
+372 5348 7656

Karmen Otu
Program Manager
+372 5663 1234

Lemmit Kaplinski
Saapavabrik project
+372 511 8619

Urmas Laur