Culture Packages

Culture packages at Widget Factory

Aparaaditehas (Widget Factory) is becoming a distinctive cultural hub that combines unique working environment for creative entrepreneurs with art, commerce, food and entertainment. Many of our rooms are open to all visitors but a lot takes place behind closed doors. In cooperation of our team and the people of the factory, we have prepared eight sample packages for the curious or anyone seeking unique entertainment – for example, to celebrate a birthday, take a house tour or have a work meeting in an inspiring environment.

Bear in mind 

  • The sample packages are for inspiration only – the actual programme is put together in cooperation with the client.

  • The price of a package depends on both the number of participants and the activities chosen. That is why the packages are listed without a price.

  • If you couldn’t find anything suitable from the activities listed below but still wish to have some fun at the Widget Factory, contact us and we’ll figure it out!

1. Birthday package

Celebrate your birthday or any other important milestone at the Widget Factory. In addition to three unique restaurants, you get to choose additional activities that your friends would enjoy the most. The choice includes both creative and physical activities, but if you wish, you can just chill out listening to great music.

Sample programme:

  • Lunch/dinner at Aparaat, Kolm Tilli or Trikster Tihane
  • House tour “Tailing after Gutenberg” or a workshop of your choice (see below)
  • Workshop at the Print and Paper Museum or a leather workshop at Leather Studio A or a beer tasting at SIP shop
  • A fun cooking class at Toiduakadeemia or MyItaly food studio
  • Ping pong tournament at the yard or in the lobby of section I


2. Widget Factory history package

This is a package for people interested in the long and colourful history of the Widget Factory. We have gathered stories of the building and area and are happy to share them with you on a tour that lasts for a couple of hours and includes places people are normally not allowed to visit. The tour ends with a lunch at a legendary cafeteria Sodiaak that offers authentic 90s food and vibe.

Sample programme:

  • Extended house tour

  • Lunch at Sodiaak

  • Printing a postcard with Widget Factory’s retro symbolics at the Print Museum


3. Gourmet Factory package

In a short amount of time, the Widget Factory has also become a creative incubator for various taste specialists. Getting your hands floury in an authentic Italian kitchen, tasting hundreds of different Estonian craft beers or trying your hand at roasting Latin-American coffee beans are only a few examples of the tasty options currently available at the gourmet factory.

Sample programme:

  • Cooking workshop at MyItaly or Toiduakadeemia

  • Beer or wine tasting at SIP beer and wine shop


4. Art package

Widget Factory is a home for tens of artists who don’t just want to paint between the four walls of their atelier but wish to share their skills with others. Become a painter, jewellery designer or a photo artist in an inspiring and creative setting under the guidance of professionals in this field.

Sample programme:

  • Workshop: Kartin Maask (painting) /Kristel Sergo (drawing) /Timmo Liiva (jewellery making) /Anni Ansmann (leather) /Käty Tarkpea (photography)

  • Photo tour in Widget Factory and its industrial neighbourhood (Rasmus Põld)

  • Lunch/dinner at Aparaat, Kolm Tilli or Trikster Tihane


5. Street art and culture package

Widget Factory is located in a historically industrial area that has always enjoyed the attention of street artists. This is why tours introducing graffiti of the town start from here. You’ll get a chance to try this urban art yourself or grill yourself a proper burger after the tour.

Sample programme:

  • Tartu Pseudo Tours tour around the town (starts and ends at the Widget Factory)

  • Wall-painting workshop (Edgar Tedresaar)

  • A fun cooking class at Toiduakadeemia or MyItaly


6. Children and parents’ package

This may seem unbelievable, but Widget Factory has become one of the most child-friendly areas of the neighbourhood. A large part of the yard is taken over by a sandbox complex and other attractions and the factory houses Tagahoov, one of the town’s most popular venues for children’s birthday parties, not to mention children’s menus at the restaurants or book-reading lunches at the bookshop. By picking and choosing between these activities you can combine a programme that thrills children and lets their parents relax.

Sample programme:

  • Children’s yoga at yoga studio or workshop at the Print Museum

  • Cooking class for children at Toiduakadeemia or MyItaly

  • Reading room at Fahrenheit bookshop or game room at Tagahoov


7. Small conference/Big meeting package

Looking for an inspiring environment for a company meeting or simply want to try something different? Want to combine a meeting with an entertaining team event? Organise a conference with catering for up to 80 people? Contact us and we’ll find you a place for the event and put together a nice entertainment programme!

Sample programme:

  • Official part at Erinevate Tubade Klubi, Paper Museum, Armastuse saal or some other suitable location in the factory

  • Lunch/dinner at Aparaat, Kolm Tilli or Trikster Tihane

  • Workshop or training of your choice


8. Fantasy package

Here are the options for combining your own package:

---Food experiences

  • Lunch/dinner at Aparaat, Trikster Tihane, Kolm Tilli or Sodiaak

  • Pasta or pizza making workshop at MyItaly

  • Cooking class at Toiduakadeemia (also for children!)

  • Coffee roasting and tasting at Tartu Coffeeling

  • Beer or wine class at Sip

---Educational and interesting

  • House tour “Tailing after Gutenberg”

  • Art workshop Kristel Sergo/Katrin Maask/Timmo Liiva/Edgar Tedresaar/Anni Ansmann/Print and Paper Museum

  • Photo tour in Widget Factory and its industrial neighbourhood (Rasmus Põld)

  • Tartu Pseudo Tours city tour (starts and ends at Widget Factory)


  • Party + workshop at the Paper Museum (a DJ or a smaller concert, snacks)

  • Quick ping pong tournament at the yard or in the lobby of section I

  • Girls’ night at Stuudioruum

  • For children – reading room at Fahrenheit

  • For children – play room at Tagahoov

  • For children – children’s yoga at studio Samm

---Work meeting

  • Meeting/small conference – Erinevate Tubade Klubi/Paper Museum/Armastuse saal/Toiduakadeemia/Tagahoov or any other location within the building

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