WORKSHOP // Ecological Darkroom Developing with Joonas Ahtikallio II

 In this innovative, two part photography course, participants will explore the basics of plant-based analogue photography. You will learn the methods of a completely unique technique in darkroom photography – created and refined by Joonas Ahtikallio.

 You can participate without completing the first class. No darkroom experience is needed, however a basic understanding of analogue photography would help, but the teacher can adjust to student’s levels.
 Under his guidance you will create beautiful black and white photographs using historical processes, with an ecological twist – his sustainable developer – consisting of various photo-sensitive plants, vitamin C and soda. The concept of the course is to further understand the relationship between man and nature, and investigate the connection between art and nature. The ​​course is suitable for photographers from different backgrounds, the basics of darkroom work is useful but not necessary.
 Ecological Darkroom Developing continuation course takes place:
September 23, 2023. 14:00 to 18:00
September 24, 2023. 11:00 to 15:00
 In the continuation class different exposure we will delve deeper in the plant developing. We work with the results from the first course and refine developers. In the course we will also work with the community garden’s plants from the previous session.
 From 22.09.2023 to 26.11.2023, Joonas Ahtikallio’s photo exhibition “Pime aed” (“The Dark Garden”) will also available to view at TYPA gallery. The exhibition works are created using the same ecological method that Ahtikallio teaches as part of his TYPA experimental photography course.
Hind: 80€ / tudengitele 65€
*The course is conducted in English.
 To register for the course, email us at, deadline 11th of September. The number of places is limited so make sure to reserve your spot early.
Instructor Joonas Ahtikallio is an analogue photographer from Finland. He is a board member of the Jyväskylä Creative Photography Center and teaches analogue and pinhole photography courses. He is currently developing a modern and sustainable plant-based method for developing images. He has been an exchange student in Tartu.
The course is supported by the Finnish Institute.

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Starts at: 23. 09. 23 - 24. 09. 23

Time: 14:00 - 15:00

Location: TYPA centre

Ticket: 65€ – 80€