WORKSHOP // Bicycle repair evening

The trend of mass production and consumption leads us to get rid of broken things and quickly replace them with new ones. The goal of the Repair evening is to show that things CAN be repaired! It is thus possible for everyone to maintain the environment and support a sustainable way of thinking.

This time we are repairing bikes (Kastani 42, on the corner of Riia and Kastani street). You will repair your bike together with the repairman.
Everything you need for repair is available at the location. In case you know that there is a need for some specific thing, we ask you to take them with you.

The event is part of the Tartu Student Days: Spring 2023 festival. For more information go to

The event is DONATION-BASED!
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Starts at: 27. 04. 23

Time: 17:00 - 19:00

Location: Paranduskelder

Ticket: Free