Women Friendship Meet-up at Kogo Gallery / sTARTUp Day

Before arriving at the event How to increase the proportion of women in the IT field in Estonia? in our neighborhood (Elutuba Lava Taga, Kastani 42, 15 March at 13–17), step into our gallery that currently hosts an exhibition about the friendship between women. You will hear more about the artists and artworks, our thoughts on the importance of friendship in business, get to meet the gallery team, all women, by the way, and learn what are the benefits of having art in a workspace.

Register here (for free): https://fienta.com/women-friendship-meet-up-at-kogo-gallery
Read more: https://www.kogogallery.ee/en/ 

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Starts at: 15. 03. 23

Time: 12:20 - 13:00

Location: KOGO Gallery

Ticket: Free