THEATER // On stage with Ott Sepa or an evening of comic sketches / Improv Theatre IMPEERIUM

When was the last time you laughed heartily? Improv Theatre IMPEERIUM plays performances with beloved Estonian actors!
This time we bring you to the stage with us!

Ott Sepp is a freelance actor, director, presenter and screenwriter. He graduated from the 21st class of the Estonian Academy of Music in 2004.
His humour story needs no further introduction and he fits improvisational theatre like a glove. During the performance, Ott Sepp finds himself in unexpected situations: sketches that happen on the spot, humorous characters, gripping scenes, song hits, etc.The magic of improvisational theatre lies in the unexpected, and it is delightfully witty!
The show is perfect for the first-time improviser:
 Merilin Kirbits
 Tarvo Krall
 musician Madis Kreevan
 illuminator Mario Saarik

4 May at 19.00 Klubi Gutenberg, Tartu
(Aparaaditehas, Kastani 42 - courtyard of Aparaaditehas, door number 7, fourth floor)

The performance is in two acts and lasts 1 hour 45 min in total.

Pre-sale: 20€/18€ (from the Piletikeskus)
On site: 24€/22€ (subject to availability) Piletikeskus:

Find out more about impro and who are our imperials:
Info: +37258117263 Merilin Kirbits

The members of IMPEERIUM Improv Theatre are professional actors who, in addition to IMPEERIUM, are members of drama troupes of other Estonian theatres or freelance in various theatre, television and film projects. In addition to the actors, IMPEERIUM also includes talented musicians and excellent lighting artists who help to spread improvisation in Estonia. In improvisation, no one knows what will happen, but anything is possible! That's why the company loves improv in all its forms. We want to conquer the hearts of all Estonians and put another land of imperialism on the world map, where people value cooperation and creativity and where the power of imagination reigns!

Improv theatre is a form of theatre that is much loved around the world, where everything happens in front of an audience. The performances are improvised, which means that everything happens here and now - there is no memorised text and no preconceived story. Actors ask the audience for cues and from these, exciting scenes, hilarious sketches, engaging songs and witty characters are born. In addition to the actors, a lighting designer and musicians improvise during the performances.

The team includes:
Actors: Tarvo Krall, Mairi Tikerpalu, Erki Aule, Merilin Kirbits, Maarika Mesipuu-Veebel, Maarius Pärn, Kati Ong (Endla Teater), Rauno Kaibiainen.
Musicians: Mario Saarik.

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Starts at: 04. 05. 24

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Location: Klubi Gutenberg

Ticket: 20€/18€/24€/22€