THEATER // Motuz Group x Maria Solei - Tartu

Renowned performer and choreographer Maria Solei proudly presents an exceptional evening of cross-border collaboration with the esteemed Danish/ Finnish/British performing arts ensemble, Motuz Group, as they take to the stage in Estonia on a leg of their Nordic and Baltic tour. This interdisciplinary showcase seamlessly merges the talents of four nationalities, offering an enriching experience for audiences immersed in contemporary artworks.
In this highly anticipated collaboration, Maria and Motuz Group will present two compelling performances that harmonise in the spirit of cross-border and cross- artwork collaboration. The union of these two creative forces symbolises the boundless love for artistic expression, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries.
This exclusive event promises audiences not only a captivating evening featuring beautiful and thought-provoking works but also an intimate connection with the shared passion that emanates from the stage. Maria and Motuz Group, through their distinct yet complementary performances, invite attendees to revel in the warmth of creativity, forging an unforgettable experience that transcends borders.
For an evening that celebrates the universal language of art and the collaborative spirit that knows no bounds, join us as Maria welcomes Motuz Group to Estonia.

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Starts at: 19. 06. 24

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Location: Armastuse saal

Ticket: Free