MUSIC // Prima Vista presents: OLEM album launch in Tartu / "The Narrow Path of Love - Ernst Enno's Timeless Messages"


Now that the Hooandja campaign has been successfully completed, the music has been recorded and the album is in full production, it's time to announce the first concert!!! Together with some great friends, we have created something close to our hearts that will be passed down from previous generations to current and future generations: OLEM "The Narrow Path of Love" - Ernst Enno's timeless messages.

Literature has been symbiotically integrated with music: the event will take place as part of the Prima Vista literature festival, which is a great pleasure for both parties.

At this concert in the Aparaaditehas, Armastuse hall, the following will perform: 

Ken Arula (vocals/guitar) 

Birgid Täht (piano/vocals) 

Hanno Padar (guitars/vocals) 

Maria Mutso (cello) 

Ermo Talvik (drums) 

Iisak Sulev Andreller (bass guitar) 

Ernst Enno (words/messages) 

With this concert, we pay a deep tribute to Ernst Enno, all the Hooandja supporters, and everyone who finds time to listen. 

TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE ON SITE (12 euros) Hooandja supporters have FREE admission, of course!

Listen to us here: 



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Starts at: 12. 05. 23

Time: 20:00 - 23:00

Location: Armastuse saal

Ticket: 12€