Gutenberg's Talk-O-Meter: Kätlin Vainola

The Aparaaditehas cat Gutenberg is visited on May 13th at 12 o'clock by the school children's magazine HEA LAPS and children's writer KÄTLIN VAINOLA. Come join us!

We will have a creative writing workshop where we will come up with our own fantasy world, exciting characters, and see where the story takes us next! Those who need help with writing can bring their personal writers. Of course, drawing is also allowed.

What can other parents do with their free time? We offer some ideas: KOGO Gallery has opened Kristina Õlleku's exhibition "In Hypoxic Slime and Tropical Lime Waters" and HAKI Gallery showcases the exhibitions of Sandra Jõgeva and Martti Ruus.

More information about the events taking place at Aparaaditehas can be found here:
And that's not all. The neighboring cafe PUHVET has promised to bake especially delicious pancakes with jam for this day!"

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Starts at: 13. 05. 23

Time: 12:00 - 13:00

Location: Biblioteek

Ticket: Free