Gallery Night vol 10 + Open Doors Night at Aparaaditehas

The Jubilee Gallery Night will be festive and grand! We'll toast to new exhibitions, explore Aparaaditehas and its surrounding area with guided tours, embark on adventures with artists along their creative paths, sneak a peek through usually closed doors, and dance the night away!

The Gallery Night program is (largely) free for visitors.
Gallery Night is supported by the City of Tartu.

Gallery Night vol. 10 takes place as part of Aparaaditehas Festival 2023. You can find more information about the festival here:


> Made in Aparaaditehas Gallery / At 18–23 an exhibition by one artist who resides in Aparaaditehas. // Entrance door number 1 or from the courtyard door number 9

> Ajuokse Basement Gallery /  The mural exhibition WALLS¹ is open, featuring artists Zahars Ze, Looja, Stina Leek, GUTFACE and k2rte. The Ajuokse store is also located in the basement and open, where you can explore merch from various alternative artists. // Entrance from Kastani Street, door number 2, 0 floor

> KINO landscape architects / KINO's retrospective exhibition, which displays works of landscape architecture from 2009-2023. The exhibition is a warm-up for the recently published book "Vältimatu väliruum". // Entrance from Kastani Street, door number 2, 2nd floor

> Redwall Corridor Gallery / At 18.00 the opening of painter Alisa Vasina’s illustration exhibition “Art is in style”. Alisa Vasina is an artist and fashion designer who is inspired by colors and personalities that are not afraid to shine and stand out from the gray crowd. // Entrance from Kastani Street, door number 2, 2nd floor

> Redwall Office Gallery /
At 18.00 the exhibition "Wabi-Sabi (侘寂)" by Maria Marmor, filled with perfect imperfections, will be opened in the Redwall web- and software developers’ office gallery. For the best experience, bring your headphones to listen to music that characterizes the works. DJ Robert Kähr will be spinning records from 18 to 23. // Entrance from Kastani Street, door number 2, 2nd floor

> Sofa Office / At 18–23 a selection of designer Lauri Järvlepp's 2011–2023 cultural posters can be seen on the walls of Aparaaditehas’ shared office. Lauri is also the author of many posters for cultural events at Aparaaditehas. // Entrance from Kastani street door number 2, 3rd floor

> Haki Gallery / At 18–23 the exhibition “Evening twilight feasts” - nude charcoal, sanguine, and soap figure sketches, is open at the Haki Gallery. Artist Peep Pedmanson will be present during Gallery Night from 18-20. The cocktail bar NAPP is also open. // Entrance from Kastani Street

> Tunnel Gallery / In the Tunnel Gallery enthusiasts can watch in real-time the creation of a mural. Condrad is a sculptor whose drawing style is characterized by dynamic poses and cartoon style.

> White glass house / At 20 the opening of Andra Rahe's solo exhibition "Growth of pain". The exhibition evolved from the author's photo series "Thistle, my favorite" and was created within the framework of the Open Culture Platform. // Entrance from the courtyard

> Karud ja Pojad / R Gallery / From 18-23 is the last chance to visit Anne Mari Roost’s debut exhibition "One Bear Doesn't Sleep". The artist will be present at the gallery from 19 to 21. The back room of the studio store is also open, where artists Maris Aare and Jaanus Kaasik introduce their art and activities. // Entrance from the courtyard

>Aparaaditehas Balcony Gallery / 18–23 you can see the exhibition “ME & MINE” by resident artist Ananya Dalal. Ananya Dalal is an Indian artist, who participated in the TYPA residency in June and July 2023. // Entrance from the courtyard door number 7, 2nd floor

>Studio 100 / At 18–23 Studio 100 is expanding its studio space into the hallway for a two-day pop-up exhibition titled "House With a Sea View…in Tartu?!!". In addition to the exhibition, guests are also welcome to the creative studio, where Aet Ollisaar ja Madis Liplap will introduce their work. // Entrance from courtyard, door number 7, 3rd floor.


Club Gutenberg / At 19 the opening of the festival club and the exhibition “Physical Education”. During the two-week art residency at Club Gutenberg, a collaborative exhibition will be created by five young artists – Õie Holm, Aurora Mikk, Liisa Mudist, Torm Parts, and Teodor Ruus. // Entrance from the courtyard door nr 7, 4th floor

> Ag47 / From 18–23 the exhibition "My story is my story is my story is …" is open at the Ag47 Gallery. / Students from the Pallas University of Applied Sciences, along with three recent graduates, are displaying their individual observations and family stories. Artists’ tour 19.30 and curator’s tour 21.30. In front of the gallery, the Ag47 outdoor studio will be set up. You can have a wet plate portrait taken without pre-registration. // Entrance next to Restaurant Kolm Tilli from the courtyard  

> Kogo Gallery / At 18.00 is the opening of the Baltic Drag King group exhibition “Drag Yourself Here” with performances by Estonian and Latvian drag kings, quings and queens in Kogo Gallery and the courtyard. // Entrance from the courtyard

> Wale Vaal Gallery / At 18–23 at the Wale Vaal gallery there is a unique exhibition of light installations by 15 artists. // Entrance from Samelin shoe factory´s courtyard (Kastani 48), 2nd floor

> Art & Tonic / from 18–23 the joint exhibition "Side effect" by Teele Ülesoo and Helle Vahersalu is open at the Art & Tonic Gallery. // Entrance from the courtyard of Kastani 48

> TYPA / Starting from 19.00 former TYPA residency artists Bonnie Loukus and Daniel Schneider will introduce TYPA's machines. Daniel will demonstrate the process of typesetting with metal letters, printing the best chess game schemes of Estonian grandmaster Paul Keres using TYPA's correction press, while Bonnie will print "flowers" using wooden type letters. At 19.00 there will also be a drypoint workshop with Eve Eesmaa. All workshops are free! In the TYPA gallery, there is an exhibition open by residency artist Anton Hudo (UA) titled "Poet on Fire". // Entrance from Kastani 48f, in Samelin shoe factory´s courtyard

> Ajuokse Hangar / At 21.00 opening of the wall created in collaboration between two street artists GUTFACE (EE) and Anton Hudo (UA) at Ajuokse Avangaar! End of summer hangout in Avangaar's garden featuring Yumi Motoma, spaceman4k, pole dancer Freyja, painting corner and music by S-TNT. The evening will conclude with Liis Ring presenting her new album "Vaikelu". // Entrance next to TYPA (Kastani 48f)

> Plantarium / At 17.30 the artist MAIKRO will open their third exhibition "Linnaaed" at Plantarium. With the purchase of each MAIKRO artwork, you support the establishment of the Microgallery with 25 euros. During the Gallery Night, there's a midnight sale of indoor plants at Plantarium with a 50% discount. The café is also open! // Address Filosoofi 3 or you can take secret path that leads from TYPA's courtyard


> Biblioteek / At 19.00 the "Unavoidable Outdoor Space" by KINO landscape architects book presentation and discussion evening. All art books are -10% for the whole day at the bookstore! // Entrance door number 1 or from the courtyard door number 9

>Kosmos pop-up bar / During Gallery Night - good music, art and a new pop-up bar come together. Kuues Planeet will do some fun screen printing and guests are welcome to dance and enjoy the good vibes. Welcome to the Kosmos! // Entrance from Kastani Street door number 2, basement
> Realcoach workshops

18:30-20:00 workshop "Refresh, Restart, Update" / Embrace the new season with a renewed self. The workshop aims to help you renew, refresh, metaphorically "reboot," and perhaps even turn a new page! Pre-registration required! Register HERE

16:00-21:00 Workshop "Autumn FOCUS: Towards Goals with Coaching." This workshop is designed specifically for those seeking guidance and inspiration to set their FOCUS for the autumn season. // Entrance from Kastani Street door nr 2, II floor

> Kolm Koma Architects / At 18–23 Kolm Koma Architects are opening their doors for one evening to showcase their projects and workspace! / Entrance from Kastani Street, door number 2, 2nd floor

> Studio Samm / At 18–20 A workshop for all movement enthusiasts. The style is improvisational, centered around contemporary dance. We'll be wearing socks or barefoot. Participation fee is 10 euros and pre-registration is required. Register by the 24th of August by writing to

At 20.15 participants will share some moves from what they worked on during the workshop. // Entrance from Kastani Street, door number 2, 3rd floor

> Taavi Novek studio / Taavi Novek’s exhibition “Situations”. The artist also plays music during the night! // Entrance from Taskupark door number 7, 3rd floor

> Miku’s Studio / At 20.00 Miku will open the doors of his studio to all enthusiasts. He shows where he paints, writes, and creates graphics on a daily basis. On Gallery Night visitors will have the opportunity to witness the coloring and printing of new drypoint technique works. // Entrance from Taskupark door number 7, 3rd floor

> Annika Vaalmaa/Etnowerk / At 18–23 the designer Annika Vaalmaa will open the doors to her studio, where exquisite and detailed embroideries are created for Etnowerk clothes. Etnowerk is an Estonian brand of handcrafted cardigans with ethnographic motifs. // Entrance from the courtyard door number 7, 3rd floor

> Mad & Wonderful studio / At 18–22 Mari-Liis Link, calling herself a Sunday painter, will open her small studio showcasing her own works. // Entrance from the courtyard door number 7, 2nd floor

> Gerda Retter studio / From 19 to 21 Gerda Retter leather studio workshop. Creating leather jewelry with the help of a master. Pre-register HERE // Entrance from courtyard, door number 7, 3rd floor

> Festival Nightclub: Gutenberg’s Night / From 23-03, as the Gallery Night program is transitioning into the night and it's time to come together in one shared space, Club Gutenberg awaits you. A celebration emerges from the collective synergy of local artists and art residents, with the core focus being the exploration of bodies through art and dance. /Lineup: 00 Ööamööb/ 01 DJ Duo ÖÖ. Ticket Price: 5€. // Entrance from the courtyard door nr 7, 4th floor

> Rooftop terrace / From 18 to 23 you can enjoy the view from the Aparaaditehas ́ rooftop! Experience pleasant music, colorful garden and wonderful view of Tartu. NB! Maximum of 30 people are allowed on the rooftop at a time. // Entrance from the courtyard door nr 8, 4th floor

> Peninuki’s courtyard bar / At the Gallery Night, the first gin producers of Southern Estonia are moving their distillery to the courtyard to offer the highest quality cocktails to Gallery Night attendees! Mellow music by Psühhoteek.



> Tour of Aparaaditehas (in English) / Take a special trip to Aparaaditehas’ secret hidden places. Aparaaditehas’ programme manager Karmen Otu will talk about the history and the Factory´s special traits. The tour is in English and with pre-registration. // The tour starts from the courtyard at 18.30 / Register HERE

> Gallery tour (in Estonian) / You will get to visit all the galleries and their exhibitions with Gallery night´s founder and Kogo Gallery´s programme manager Stella Mõttus. The tour is in Estonian and with pre-registration. // The tour starts from the courtyard at 19.00 / Register HERE

> Studios tour with Madis Liplap (in Estonian) / Interior designer, lecturer at the Pallas University of Applied Sciences and tenant of Aparaaditehas Madis Liplap, introduces on the tour the studio floor, galleries and his favorite spots in the factory. The tour is in Estonian and with pre-registration. // The tour starts in Taskupark at 19.30 / Register HERE

> Artist tour (in Ukrainian) / Ukrainian artist Viktoria who works in Aparaaditehas takes visitors to her favorite places in the factory. The tour is in Ukrainian and with pre-registration. // The tour starts in Taskupark at 20.00 / Register HERE

Other events


Starts at: 25. 08. 23

Time: 16:00 - 23:00

Location: Aparaaditehas