EXHIBITION // Sanna Viazinko "And then I Step into the Garden"

26.03.2024 at 6pm we're opening Loore residency artist Sanna Viazinko's (UA) exhibition "And Then I Step Into the Garden" in Aparaaditehas Balcony Gallery.

The mediums presented on the exhibition are paper art, photography, botanical print, a plant installation and a participative installation.
"And Then I Step Into the Garden" is about transition, meditation, silence and journey. It is the reflection on the experience of transforming meaning through the materials - in some kind and alchemical process.
"It happens that sometimes we find ourselves in cities, amongst the city landscape, sometimes we go to the forest or mountains or find ourselves in a desert, and for sure each of us has encountered a garden at least one time in our life, maybe more, even much more, maybe sometimes we do not even notice all the gardens we encounter. Is heaven a garden of signs that we have to interpret?
Probably the first garden we encounter is the same for all of us - the garden of tranquility and abundance, a garden of no need, eden garden, hidden garden, space and time we carry on throughout our whole lives. Do we enter the garden or does a garden enter us? Gardens have been with us - or we have been with gardens - always."
Sanna Viazinko is a visual artist born in 1991 in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Viazinko studied literary criticism at National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” and has been an editor at Kyiv Academic Pechersk Theatre.
In February and March 2024, Sanna spent her LOORE artist residency at TYPA, where she worked on the exhibition "And Then I Step Into the Garden".
The residency is a part of a project organised by the Estonian Creative Residencies Network LOORE and in collaboration with eight Estonian residency institutions. TYPA worked together with Artists at Risk to find the artist, the project is funded by the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme.

 Exhibition is opened from 26.03.2024-05.05.2024 in Balcony Gallery.
Aparaaditehas Balcony Gallery is at Kastani 42, Tartu. You'll find it above Aparaat restaurant.
Balcony Gallery is open Wed-Sun 12PM - 6PM.
 Visiting the exhibition is free.

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Starts at: 26. 03. 24 - 05. 05. 24

Time: 18:00 - 18:00

Location: Aparaaditehase rõdugalerii

Ticket: Free