EXHIBITION // Jaanika Bahval "Clay Galaxies"  Virgylia Soosaar "Initium Novum"

 During the spring-summer period, you can find Jaanika Bahval's exhibition "Savigalaktikad" in the Redwall office gallery and Virgylia Soosaare's exhibition "Initium Novum" in the corridor gallery.
The artists introduce themselves below.
I am a freelance artist who started my journey as an artist in 2018. After trying to find my own style through different techniques for a while, I came full circle back to clay, which I was too quick to get my hands on in the beginning. Clay as a material has always fascinated me with its ability to become anything. Clay is an element of the earth, conserving the electromagnetic energy of the planet. Clay is also called the 'skin of the earth' because everything that passes through the clay becomes new and clean. There are clays that are believed to have preserved the original animal energy, the pure information of the creation of life. The symbolism of clay can also represent ideas of renewal and reincarnation, as clay can be recycled many times in its raw state. It hints at the infinite possibilities of clay and its ability to start from scratch and be reborn. My paintings are created through the technique of clay casting, where different clay colours and pigments react and blend together to create abstract expression. The clay paintings are harmonious, with an interesting and inviting texture, speaking to the viewer in a rather gentle whisper.
The exhibition "Clay Clay" is inspired by the knowledge that clay also exists in the cosmos, for example asteroids are thought to contain clay.
More information:  savimaalid.com

Trashart is my rebirth of earthly remains and garbage. A new awakening through art. The works are born out of different emotions that I feel at that moment in my personal life or as a reaction to a media/social situation. All the works use leftovers or rubbish. I particularly love organic/natural residues (bones, feathers, bark, moss, stones, sand, etc). Also man-made waste (canned goods, equipment, fabrics, etc). Many pieces get several layers of color or texture and the final finish can take months. All of the things used in my creations come to me simply from walking in the woods or on the beach, from campfires, from scrap metal... but also from other people who have believed that I can give them new life. The only things I've bought from the shop are mostly bases, finishing paints, effects and glues. All the plasters and paints are leftovers from my own and other people's renovations.
The author
Virgylia Soosaar, known as Viki, has been a freelance artist working in various fields for over 25 years. She has studied at Tallinn Art Gymnasium (specialising in restoration), Tartu Art School (KUKU and design graphics) and currently at Tallinn University (specialising in vocational education, hoping to become a teacher one day). I have been training in crafts and arts for over 15 years. In this framework, she has published two books with her husband Guido. She works mainly as an illustrator, painting porcelain under the name Vikipesa. Previous trashart exhibitions:
2020 "Les dernies debout" group exhibition, Tasku Centre, Tartu
2020 "Rursus" solo exhibition, Kivi Bar, Tartu2021 "Rursus" solo exhibition, Pelgulinna Folk House, Tallinn
2021 "Metamorphosis" solo exhibition, TÜMRI, Tartu
2021 "virgylia_trashart" solo exhibition, Anija Manor, HarjumaaHas done several trashart/mixedmedia workshops for children, youth and adults.
More information: Instagram

Exhibitions will remain open until 16.08.2024.
Visiting the exhibitions is free of charge.
Redwall's office gallery and corridor gallery are located on the 2nd floor, door no. 3, on the Kastani Street side of the Aparaaditehas.
Opening event: https://www.facebook.com/events/373340152317058?active_tab=about
After the opening event, the exhibitions can be visited during office opening hours, i.e. Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00. Please call if the entrance door is closed
(it usually is). Call 772 3001 - let's enjoy the exhibition!
Exhibition information on our website: https://www.redwall.ee/.../jaanika-bahvali-ja-virgylia...

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