CONCERT // Psychological needs in the mirror of music and behavioural science

The Mental Health Series presents:
A CONCERT AND TOUR thought  "Psychological Needs in the Mirror of Music and Behavioral Science"
Roman Timofejev - psychologist, psychotherapist (Austria-Estonia).
Aleksandr Zhedeljov (Modulshtein) - composer, electroacoustic music artist.
The discussion will be moderated by Steven Hristo Evestus - Lawyer, civil society advocate This year's Mental Health Series Concert and Reflection Walk is a very topical one, which touches all of us in our daily lives. Psychological needs are at the heart of mental health, relationships, motivation at work and supporting children's development.

Estonian psychologist and psychotherapist Roman Timofeyev's scientific interest focuses on the theory of needs and its practical application in psychotherapy. In a concert-conversation, Roman will present the most important psychological needs (comfort, security, belonging, self-realisation, meaningfulness and self-development), the processes of which can be proven by research. Timofeyev will describe the satisfaction of psychological needs and what suppression of these needs entails.

Modulshtein's music is a symbiosis of experiments, mixing works written for classical instruments such as string quartet, clarinet and piano, brought to the audience through electronic means. And it's all born out of prepared improvisation. This kind of musical symbiosis is similar to the process of satisfying human needs (as explored by Roman Timofeyev). We will analyse this from the point of view of the listener as well as the performer in a concert-thinking journey. In this event, we will talk about needs, their multiplicity, their relationship with development, evolution, neurobiological processes, mental health and personality.

Event duration: 1h 15min.
Ticket information:Full ticket 17€Discount ticket 13€ Tickets on sale at Piletitasku.

Neste Eesti, Rahva Raamat, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Tallinn Education Department, Tallinn Homebuilding Programme, the cities of Pärnu and Paide.

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Starts at: 19. 04. 24

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Location: Armastuse saal

Ticket: 17€/13€