CONCERT // Elephants From Neptune “III” EP

Elephants From Neptune "III" EP launch concert - Kolm Tilli 31.05
Elephants From Neptune have finished their third EP called "III", which will be released on the 1st of May and will be presented to you at Three Tills.
Looking at what's happening in the music world at the moment, we couldn't find a better moment to finally finish our trilogy of short albums. Päkapikudisko has made a comeback, the charts are being dominated by remakes of songs from 20 years ago, and all the standard-length radio plays will soon be under a minute! Where will we end up like this?!! If this sounds like arrogant ranting or the ramblings of some bitter old rockers, we assure you - sadly, that's exactly the case.
Legendary Elevant hits such as Blue Lightning, Make It Happen and Crack Commander get an epic follow-up on "EP III" - it's raining hits! This EP is powerful, upbeat, hellishly raw and searingly passionate. The band released their first two EPs in 2013, and 11 years later, they're back with their third!

❌ Early bird - 15€.
⚡️ Medium - 18€
⚡️ Late - 21€
Doors - 21.30
Elephants From Neptune - 22.30
Listen to EFN's latest single "Devil's Dream" here:

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Starts at: 31. 05. 24

Time: 21:30 - 23:59

Location: Kolm Tilli

Ticket: 15€ / 18€ / 21€