CONCERT // Concert series "Charity in sound" - Tartu

Our intimate and unique concert series offers the opportunity to enjoy an acoustic concert by renowned Estonian musicians as if in a living room, creating an environment where performer and audience are united in one harmonious moment. Sit comfortably on mattresses, recliners or sofas, enjoying acoustic performances that will warm your heart.

This concert series is not just a musical experience; it is an intimate event where the barrier between performer and audience is broken down. Our aim is not only to share beautiful music, but also to support the Cancer Alliance's Gift of Life initiative, which gives hope and days of life to those fighting cancer.

We're proud to be able to contribute to such a noble cause with the help of supporters, visitors and artists. Sit comfortably, relax and immerse yourself in a world of music where every note resonates in your heart while helping those who need our support and help.Come and join us on this special musical journey where together we will create moments that will be remembered in our hearts for a long time.

All proceeds from the concert series will be donated to the Cancer Alliance Foundation to support cancer patients and give them the help they need to fight the disease. At the Tartu concert, Tõnis Mägi contributes to the fundraising for the Cancer Foundation with his acoustic program.

18:00 Uksed
19:00 Tõnis Mägi
21:00 Lõpp

*The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the schedule

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Starts at: 16. 04. 24 - 21. 04. 24

Time: 18:00 - 16:04

Location: Armastuse saal

Ticket: 12€/15€